Advertising and Production Services

– Production of documentaries and films
– Production of visual and audio advertisements
– Television recording and broadcasting
– Pre- and post-production services
– TV program development
– Rental of television and cinema equipment
– Production of series and TV shows
– Production of 3D cartoons and 2D graphics
– Audio production services
– Distribution of films, series and programs inside and outside the State of Saudi Arabic

We provide all the needs of production elements for audio and video before and after production, publicity, advertising, publishing and distribution, and we provide integrated media services for audio and video, and work with government institutions through tenders and practices, and with the private sector, individuals, local and foreign production companies, advertising companies, and the needs of satellite stations and television channels, and provide the needs of And studio services, broadcasting and production companies, cinemas, and distribution services for movies, series, programs and television materials inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– Rental of film and television photography equipment.
– Supplying various cinematic lenses and K4 lighting devices.
– Equipping studios and filming locations and obtaining licenses.
– TV transmission unit.
– Studio services for editing, mixing and color correction, high system HD resolution.
– Studio for recording soundtracks, chants, songs and effects
– Designing, implementing and providing decorations, scenery, fashion, accessories and means
– Transportation and all that is needed for photography.
– Nomination and contracting with screenwriters and dialogue writers for films, series, visual and audio programs, writing poems for songs, providing a text library for films, series and programs – writing workshops – script and dialogue – a department for preparation and translation – licensing texts and technical works and registering intellectual property rights.
– Nomination and recruitment of stars, artists and technicians from Kuwait and the world, and the conclusion of contracts with them.
– Preparing estimated budgets for production, auditing, preparing a work plan, studying the economic and marketing feasibility of film and television production and distribution, and providing technical and legal advice.
– Logistical support for television, film and radio production elements, technical, administrative, financial and legal supervision, civil liability towards third parties, the issuance of all legal licenses and the conclusion of insurance contracts.